Rabe, M.; Wincheringer, W. Sohny, T.: Referenzmodell zur wertstrombasierten Simulation von Unstetigförderern in der Grobplanung von Produktionssystemen. In Franke, J.; Schuderer, P. (Hrsg.): Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2021. Göttingen: Cuvillier 2021, S. 123-132..

The application of simulation in the bidding phase offers the advantage that suppliers of production systems can secure their throughput performance and improve their competitiveness. The disadvantage of simulation, a time- and resource-intensive modelling effort, can be reduced by using reference models. Based on the well-known value stream method (VSM), this paper presents a suitable modelling concept for a simulation reference model. It analyses how discontinuous conveyors of a material flow system can be modelled with sufficient accuracy applying value stream simu¬la¬tion for the bidding phase. The result is presented in a data box by means of parameters based on the VSM. Dynamic aspects are taken into account.