Rabe, M.; Klueter, A.; Clausen, U.; Pöting, M.: An Approach for Modeling Collaborative Route Planning in Supply Chain Simulation. In: Roeder, T. M. K.; Frazier, P. I.; Szechtman, R.; Zhou, E.; Huschka, T.; Chick, S. E. (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference. Piscataway: IEEE 2016, S. 2228-2238.

Challenged by rising populations, modern cities are affected by the increasing effects of transportation such as congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. Collaborative route planning addresses this challenge by consolidating goods and optimizing transport routes to the customers within the urban area. This paper presents a modeling approach for collaborative route planning in Supply Chain Simulation. A practical example for a collaborative planning implementation is presented using a discrete event simulation model. By comparing the delivery concept with and without collaboration on an exemplary supply chain, the potentials of collaborative planning in relation to the reduction of total transport distance are evaluated.