Rabe, M.; Deininger, M.; Scheidler, A.A.: Verification of Petri-Net-based Simulation Models Using Coverage Metrics. SIGSIM-PADS'15, London, 10.-12. Juni 2015, S. 247-255.

Through the wast growth of information technologies, verification is of high importance in many research fields. Most of the models describing modelling procedures include verification and validation as a single step or as an accompanying activity. Unfortunately, most of these models do not give more detailed operation guidelines. In this context, it is common that verification is necessary, but in real life projects there is often no time nor men power for verification, particularly, if verifying is an accompanying activity as in simulation projects. The complexity of simulation projects complicates a proper implementation of verification. Therefore, it is a common method to tailor the procedure models. In this paper we concentrate on modelling and introduce an approach for automated verification. Petri nets are widely used as modelling method. Petri nets are well defined and based on graphs. Thus, this paper introduces an approach for mapping petri-net-based models to control flow graphs. Then it is shown, how this mapping can be utilised for applying coverage metrics. This enables projects to use software testing methods of coverage for verifying petri-net-based simulation models. As a benefit, project time and personnel can be saved.