Rabe, M. Ammouriova, M.; Schmitt, D.; Chicaiza-Vaca, J.: An Approach for Reducing the Search Space for Simheuristics Applications in Logistics Networks in Trading. .In: Putz, M.; Schlegel, A. (Hrsg.): Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2019. Auerbach: Verlag Wissenschaftliche Skripten 2019, S. 335-344.

For the purpose of improving the performance of logistics networks, so-called logistics assistance systems (LASs) are used. A LAS supports decision makers in taking actions, such as increasing the stock level of a stock keeping unit. A LAS can be combined with simulation to evaluate possible actions. With the size of the logistics network increasing, the number of actions to be evaluated raises and, therefore, the response time of the LAS. In this paper, the authors present two novel approaches for increasing efficiency and effectiveness of a given LAS by defining redundant and interchangeable actions. The results show that the number of simulation runs has been reduced by utilising the presented approaches; thus, the LAS’s performance could be improved.