Poeting, M.; Prell, B.; Rabe, M:, Uhlig, T.; Wenzel, S.: Considering Energy in the Simulation of Logistics Systems. In: Mustafee, N.; Bae, K.-H.: Lazarova-Molnar, S.; Rabe, M.; Szabo, C.; Haas, P.; Son, Y.-S., (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference. Picataway: IEEE 2019, S. 1849-1858.

Traditionally, aspects such as emissions and energy consumption have to be taken into account for environmental and economic reasons when it comes to transport. In other areas of logistics, such as production logistics and intralogistics, the energy aspect is also becoming increasingly important. Existing literature has been recently reviewed in a contribution of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Simulation (ASIM) to the Winter Simulation Conference 2018 (Uhlig et al. 2018) to develop a map of common approaches and best practices for manufacturing and logistics systems. In the paper presented here, as a complement we are focusing on the application of energy simulation in logistics to give a comprehensive overview and present exemplary case studies. Furthermore, we show a classification of approaches to combine energy aspects with simulation. Finally, we will discuss open questions and future trends in this field of research.