Arora,S.-J.; Ebbecke, C.;Rabe, M.; Fisch. J.: Methodology for the Assessment of Potentials, Selection, and Design of Predictive Maintenance Solutions. Procedia CIRP 104 (2021) 708-713.

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solutions are able to predict and, thus, minimize production downtimes. Concerning high implementation cost of PdM solutions, it is not always clear under which conditions potentials outweigh investment. This paper presents a methodology to systematically assess potentials and benefits of specific PdM solutions in production processes. The methodology includes an identification of critical machines and machine components in production processes and the quantification of their downtime cost, which are compared to simulation-, experience , and literature-based target cost enabling an evaluation of failure consequences and, thus, the component’s criticality and a goal-oriented selection and design of PdM models.